The Udder Farm Shop

Tools and Expertise Used

A long-term client who required a new website in WordPress to tie in with a digital marketing strategy. Campaigns were run across various online and offline platforms and measured on an ongoing basis to improve and perfect the offers that gave the best return on investment.

Newsletters were sent on a regular basis, and A/B testing on the emails and landing pages allowed us to improve the conversion rate which was higher than average for a food retailer and restaurant.

Website management was an ongoing service, including continued web page creation, e-commerce management (including a sister website) and ongoing website improvements. SEO was incorporated into content marketing, with articles, news and social media at the forefront.

Starting with low interaction and engagement on social media, a social media strategy allowed us to build up followers specifically in Facebook, which was a well matched audience with a good conversion rate.

Reporting and analysis allowed for best use of resources and time.